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Singles Session

You know yourself to be kinky and would like to explore. You might have years of experience and can easily express your desires. Good for you, I'm happy to work with you. Note that my work is based in conscious kink, which might be slightly different from certain BDSM work.

Or you have noticed you have certain kinky desires and you are not quite sure what the next steps are. I would be happy to support you in finding your specific flavor of kinky expressions. I offer sessions that are at least 2 or more hours long, depending on your needs and wants. 

We will have one zoom call to get to know each other and talk about all the specifics first. 

Some of the things I offer:

  • Guided meditation and altar creation

  • Embodiment and presence

  • Safe words and scene setting

  • Boundary and Consent work

  • Personalized Scene creation based on your desires

  • Bottom and top dynamics

  • Impact and Sensation play

  • Voyeurism

  • Kinky personality play and storytelling

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