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Orange Flower

Embodied Intelligence is my goal...

I wholeheartedly believe in the wisdom

of the body.

I started studying Tantra in 2010,

an Eastern philosophy of transformation,

where your body is your temple and

erotic energy is seen as a crucial force of life.

In 2014 I had to look death straight in the eye and I thought I would never recover.

But life had something different in store for me. I recovered and more, due to some amazing mentors and the healing and transformational potentials of Tantra and Kink.

Here you are, reading this. What is it that You desire? What is it in your erotic self that can be more alive? Is Kink something you have always wanted to explore?

Starting this process, begins with curiosity.

How are transformation and eroticism linked? How can the breath bring you back to center? How can conscious play lead you to deep awareness about who you are? How can you clearly communicate your desires to another person?

Tantra offers presence and experimentation, where there are no wrongs or rights. Kink offers a way to break through taboo with playful exploration. Together the two can be transformational. 

My approach to exploration sits within a tantric framework of Mindfulness, Breathe Work, Role play, Boundary work, Eroticism, and Conscious Kink. 

~Mana (XilverFox)

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